Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's all in the experience...

We felt so privileged to joined our best friends, the Storms, on their third annual Christmas tree cut-down extravaganza in the mountains:) In all truthfulness...we would be pretty dull without their influence in our lives! Most of the exciting and creative things we've done in the last couple of months have either been with them or because of them! There could not be a more amazing family. Justin and Jannah are not in these pictures, but you see two of their girls, Mariah and Callie, in the cheetos picture (the healthy variety:). We had so much fun! The kids rode horses, watched a Frosty video on haystacks, rode with Santa on the wagon ( of the more annoying "Santa's" I've ever talked to. Caleb told me later that he thought that particular Santa was just pretending, and not the real one!), and we closed the day by eating Jannah's incredible homemade wheat cinnamon rolls, and cheetos (once again, the health'ier' kind).

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