Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colonial Days

Jannah and I get our kids together twice a week for a little fun, educational playgroup. Today we went back to Colonial America. My kids had so much fun helping me set up. Everything we used was found around the house. We cut pillowcases to make dresses for Courtney and Becca. We made our rocking horse into a cow using a sheet, black cut-outs made especially by Caleb (taped on by all three of them), and a latex glove:) When Callie and Mariah got to our house we introduced ourselves as the Mayhew family. Caleb was Josiah, Courtney was Samantha, and Becca was Rebecca (so as not to confuse things:). We started them out in our "barn" where we milked the cow. Then we brought the pan of milk in to "scrape the cream from the top." Each child got some cream poured into their jar, to which they added a couple of "pebbles" from the brook. Then we shook the jars for a couple of minutes. We were intending to make butter, but I used refrigerated cream...instead of room temperature, and we ended up with whipped cream! My kids and I had made butter this way a couple weeks ago, and it was sooo fun that we wanted to reproduce the experience with Callie and Mariah. (We'll definitely be trying it again, hopefully with the desired results:)

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melanie said...

some very cute ideas.