Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Becca! (Pretend that I'm actually posting this when I should have on Dec. 12)

Caleb and Courtney giving Becca their homemade birthday card handcrafted by Daddy:

We had a homemade pizza party that evening, and Jannah made Becca's incredible Frosty cake!! Can you believe it...seriously! Becca's favorite thing in all the world right now is Frosty the Snowman, in fact, if you ask her who she's going to marry when she grows up that's the answer you'll get...only it will sound more like, "Rosty."

Becca has always wanted me to push her around on Courtney's bike outside, but she didn't even come close to reaching the pedals. I thought it would be nice for her to have her own little one. She loves it, but is still trying to figure out how to make it go:)

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Maxine said...

Darling cake! Were they made out cake too, or what? Becca must have been delighted.