Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here are three of the four bedrooms. Caleb decided to "decorate" his room by himself...hence the pictures lining his windowsill:) The girls room is minimal right now, but I got those cute pillowcases from a dear friend back in Utah (they're Pottery Barn someone had previously ordered and personalized, but then returned for some reason) and she happened to find a "C" for Courtney, and an "R" for Rebecca. Cute! And thank you Kris!! The other bedroom I have pictured is just a guest bedroom that doesn't have a bed yet:) But who says you can't decorate an air mattress:)

Still not done...but closer

I've been determined to not overload myself or the kids with too much of one thing, so we have been going slower than we thought we would in finishing our home. I remind myself daily that life is a process and I'm not trying to reach a deadline (luckily)! We're doing it as just another step in our incredible journey that has turned out even more fulfilling and amazing than we could have ever imagined. Here are a couple of pictures of what has slowly been evolving into our "after" phase. As you can see, there are still exposed outlets and light boxes, bare walls, and in many cases bare floors, but here are a couple of rooms that are closer than the others.