Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Unfortunately...these are the only pictures we have of our Christmas. We were just so wrapped up in the whole wonderful experience of it that we couldn't think of much else. It was a great holiday for our family. The gifts we got from our friends and family were so amazing. Lani...thank you for everything you sent! You went so above and beyond and we absolutely LOVE it all. The picture of the Savior is amazing...really thank you so much. The gifts from Grandma, Mamalaw, Romero's, and JaNae, we love you all and are so grateful for family! What would Christmas have been without you? Just a dog, basically:)

Here he is! Our little ball of chocolate! After the kids named him I found out that Bosco is a brand of chocolate syrup or something! Pretty ironic...but fitting! He's adorable. He's been relatively easy to housetrain, loves to chew on any item left on the floor, and he loves to go on walks with us every morning even though he gets worn out quickly. After we got back from a longer than normal morning walk, Bosco fell asleep in his kennel for about 5 hours! It was so cute. It was such a wonderful Christmas gift for the kids. They were so excited and have LOVED having this new member of our family around:)


Sandi and Jedd said...

He is SO CUTE!!! We just got a chocolate lab a couple months ago. So much fun to have a dog around.

Maxine said...

Welcome to the family Bosco!! Nice to have some "chocolate" that does not cause health problems!!

CCB love... Kelsie said...

Ha Oh Larin these are great stories! I love the picture of Becca and the cereal! haha, I miss those kids so much! Your backyard looks beautiful too! When can I come out? Can't Roger's work pay for a ticket... I think they could work something out! I just wish I was there! I love you all! Hugs and Kisses for the kids!!

flowergirl said...

Reading your blog makes me really miss you! It's good to know you are in the hands of what sound like amazing friends.

What a darling dog! I bet your kids love him!!! Just don't tell Brin, she'll be soooo jealous. She is always asking WHEN can we get a dog.