Friday, April 23, 2010's how it all went down

Thurday, April 22nd:

I had a doctor appointment in the morning which left me feeling like I might never go into labor:) I had resigned myself to another week of misery and took Mom and the kids to Lazy 5 Ranch to get our minds off of pregnancy altogether (and to to try and make her trip to North Carolina not so boring and uneventful:)
Around 7 pm I started getting stronger than normal contractions, and started timing them around 8:30 or 9. By around 10:15 or so, they were about 5 minutes apart so I figured it was probably time to get to the hospital. We left at 10:30 and it takes 10 minutes to get to the hospital. The drive was a nightmare! I had NO idea that I was in transition...I just knew the contractions were killing me:) When we parked the car I felt like there was no way I could get out. I sat for a minute and tried walking to the Emergency entrance. I stopped after a couple of steps and could not continue. The baby was literally coming out!
A lady from across the parking lot ran to get me a wheelchair and the nurses came out to help. They sat me in the chair and poor Rog had to hold my legs up and run backwards through the ER and up to the Labor and Delivery floor. The nurses were telling me not to push which was impossible...but we made it up to our room quickly. I got on the bed just in time for my water to break and yelled for a couple of minutes waiting for the midwife to get to the room. When she finally came in I was in agony! Seriously it was unreal. Like a scene from a movie. Two pushes and Natalie was here.
Despite the pain and how scary it was nice for it to be over quickly and not to have an IV, epidural, needles, moniters, and everything else. It's over...she's here...and everything's great:) She's an angel! Doesn't cry much, and is very alert. We are sooo happy:)

Becca no longer the baby...

It's amazing how big your 3 year old "baby" looks when you add a new one to the family!

Natalie Brooke

Happy Birth-day:)
8 lbs 11 oz.
19 1/2" long
10:52 pm
April 22, 2010