Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blue Drama

After a fun birthday party at her friend Emily's house...Courtney was wild with the excitement of having her own little gift bag (or it could have been the sugar)...and posed for the camera:)

Patriotism at its Best!

Caleb noticed that a lot of our neighbors had an American flag in their yard, so he and Courtney decided to make one for us. I had noticed a tall stick protruding out of the ground when I took Bosco out to go potty, but I had no idea what it was for. I looked out later and saw the flag being taped to the top of it:) When it rains Caleb runs out to bring in the flag, but back up with the sun it goes. You'll notice the "finial ornament" adorning the top of the "pole." So cute:)

Leyden Jar

The kids and I tried to make a Leyden Jar-a makeshift electric capacitor. It was really fun but didn't produce any noticeable sparks. We are fascinated with Benjamin Franklin and his electricity experiments. So, we'll try it again next week and see if we can come up with anything cool.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Coolest Dad in the World...

My unfortunate children woke up Tuesday morning (after dad had left for work) with absolutely no idea that it was St. Patrick's Day much less that such a day even existed. They would have gone to bed that night under the same shroud of ignorance had it been my concern alone. On account of a particular lack of creativity, motivation, strength, or the like...I decided to keep that knowledge to myself (because I had that option...or thought I had). Daddy came home and pinched me harder than ever. There was not even a remote shade of asparagus, emerald, jade, or chartreuse to be found on any of us. The kids were forgiven on account of their misfortune, and I was quickly shooed out of the house for a church activity (grabbing a green ribbon on the way so as not to incur the same fate with the youth).

Skulking guiltily home later that night I found serenely sleeping children all tucked peacefully in their beds with the look of contentment in the form of green mustaches on their faces. So what if they hadn't eaten a wholesome dinner, bathed, or gotten into bed on time. What good is a routine if it can't be broken (occasionally), a family without any fun, or a holiday without a celebration? Nothing will mean anything if you don't make it mean something, right? Thank you Rog on behalf of the children for reminding me of these lessons...I have the best husband in the world!

Caleb was astonished to find that everything tasted exactly the same when it was green. He wanted to test it against something that had no he dyed some water and sure enough!

Monday, March 16, 2009

We have the BEST babysitters in the world...

Lindsay asked me if one of her 10-hour Young Women's projects could be accomplished by babysitting my kids. I couldn't turn that down:) She and Ashley got together before we picked them up and had MADE playdoh for Caleb, Courtney, and Rebecca! I had never before left Becca with anyone unless she was asleep, so I was worried that she might be hard for them. When she saw that playdoh...she never knew we even left. The kids can't stop talking about it two weeks later. We still play with it every day and still can't wait until we can have Lindsay and Ashley back! Thank you for making it so much easier on me girls! I love you both!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Loosen Tooth

Caleb has lost his first tooth!! For about two years now he has been looking forward to this occasion. Every now and then he would inform us that he had a "loosen" tooth, which was usually just hopeful. At the dentist office last week I was told that he really did have a loose tooth that was almost to the point of coming out altogether (I was a little embarrassed that I had no idea.) It was all he could talk about at that point. Caleb sat with daddy one night a couple days later, and let him wiggle it around a little bit. After some prodding, pulling, and complete determination from father and son, the tooth came out. Caleb was ecstatic. He wrote a letter to the tooth fairy that night under the assumption that he could ask for any present. Deer Toot Frey...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picnic at Ingersoll Rand

Rog is so great:) He invited all of us to his work to have a picnic. It might not sound ideal to lots of people...but when you have a job that is situated on a beautiful lake it starts sounding a little more enticing! It was so fun. We walked on the trails and found seashells on the shore.

This is what I woke up to...

February birthday.

Thank you Rog, Caleb, Courtney, and Becca:)
Nothing makes me as happy as being with my family!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rachmaninoff's Vocalise

Caleb has been fascinated by the piano lately. I think it started when he saw Callie playing "O Christmas Tree." There's just something about competition! Either way, he likes to "write" music now...and make up songs on the piano:) The kids love Beethoven's 5th and he asked me to see it written out. I didn't have the sheet music, so I gave him some Rachmaninoff, which he copied for the next couple hours.