Monday, July 21, 2008

Catawba Queen

Since Rog has been in New York we've been trying to keep ourselves busy. I took the kids on a storytime cruise aboard the Catawba Queen. It was so fun. It was this Mississippi River Boat type of thing and after we boarded, they served cookies and milk and told stories. It was about an hour long cruise on a beautiful section of Lake Norman. In the pictures before we boarded, I tried to get all three of my kids in one, but Becca was afraid of some bugs or something so everytime I put her over with Caleb and Courtney, she ran back to me crying.

Bugs, bugs, bugs...

The two things I was most concerned about coming out here to North Carolina were humidity and bugs. Neither of them are as bad as I thought they would be. It's definitely more humid than Utah (that's not hard to do), but it's not horrible. Maybe August will be worse...we'll see. The bugs are definitely worse than in Utah too, but not like I pictured it would be. I've seen lots of spiders in our apartment, but only a couple were big enough to make me a little scared. They're mostly tiny little ones. In fact, so small to the point that Caleb and Courtney both want to help me "get them":) Anytime one of them sees a spider they ask me for a kleenex (Becca says "eww, bug, keenex") and go take care of it.

The other day, Courtney ran in while I was on the phone and asked me for a kleenex to get a spider. I handed it to her without thinking twice about it and continued my conversation. After I hung up the phone I went in to check on her and saw what I couldn't really believe! She had a little cricket in her kleenex! It was so funny! I took a picture of her with her dead cricket, but it's hard to tell from the picture how big the cricket was. She had no qualms about catching this cricket that was probably jumping all over the place. (Even I save those ones for Rog:) She's gotten plenty more for us since then!

Becca's Brain Freeze

Becca and I were eating frozen strawberries together one night after dinner. She put one in her mouth and looked up at me. Then she spit it out, scrunched up her face, and sat frozen still looking very uncomfortable. She pointed to her head and said, "Head hot! Head hot!" It was hilarious. I had no idea babies could have a brain freeze. Poor thing! It's so painful!


We all went for a walk to get our mail, and decided to head down to the park to play for little bit. We were disappointed to see that the sprinklers were on and were making the slides too wet to play on. So I was ready to go back home, but the kids had a better idea!


I thought someone had stolen my camera last week after having left my diaper bag in a shopping cart at Walmart, but after calling and apologizing to Rog about being so absentminded, he was so nice, bought me a new one, and the day the new camera got to our house...I found the old one that I thought had been stolen! Even though I felt like a complete moron, I was grateful to have such a kind, understanding, patient husband that occasionally has to deal with such incompetance:)
So, with two cameras now, I can post a lot more:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Temporarily Single Mom...

I guess it has it's tough times...when we have to be alone for a couple weeks without 'Daddy' but all in all we have so much fun:) Nothing compares to being together as a family. Wrestling with Mom just isn't the same! We are sooo lucky to have such a wonderful Dad.

Temple Square--One last hurrah before we left Utah...

Summer Fun

In the mean time...we have been having lots of fun. There's plenty of water around here, so we find ourselves playing on the beach and swimming a lot.

Catching Up

We are finally settling in! North Carolina is beautiful! We have a contract on a house that we feel really good about. YEA!! We are hoping to close somewhere in the end of July, and then start working on some of the projects (ie. popcorn ceiling, pink tiled kitchen countertops and floors, old carpet, etc...) before we actually move in. We'll be here in our apartment until the 25th of August, so hopefully that gives us enough time to finish what we are planning:) I'll post pictures of the house when I can, and then we can see the before and after!