Sunday, December 28, 2008

All Thanks to Jannah!

We bobbed for apples (I say we...but really the kids and Jannah...I didn't want to get wet:) Ate donuts off a string, and decorated a Halloween cake (because we didn't already have enough sweets), and went trick or treating. Is that a child's dream come true, or what!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Larin! We received your Christmas letter today--glad to see you are all keeping busy!! :) I'll email our card to you since it won't make it out by New Year's. Now that I have your address, I can send one out for "real" next year! Miss you!

Rebecca Smylie said...

So fun catching up on your family Larin. I'm jealous of your Amish country trip. I'm going to have to get details from you--we need to do that while we're still out East. Your children are beautiful.