Friday, December 19, 2008

Paw Proof

One glance wouldn't explain why this is one of my favorite pictures of all time. In fact, it's hard to even tell what it is:) But it is...and here's why:

When we got home from Reno all of our window panes were covered with paint. It's apparantly a standard professional painting procedure. 'Just peel it off when it dries,' we were told. (Beside the took me a box of razor blades and blistered hands before I finally finished "peeling" the thirty or so windows we have in our house, not to mention that every last one of them is sectioned off into rectangles like the one in this picture!)

As I was walking down our unfinished staircase being careful not to step on an exposed nail, Caleb ran up to me yelling something about having seen a bear in our house! He said it ran around growling, took some cereal, then proceeded to push the door open and run out. This is my fairly serious Caleb who, up to this point, had never been known to make up stories or be exaggeratedly imaginative.

He then led me to the door and showed me the proof. There indeed had been a bear in my house...

I saved this pane to be scraped last...but still couldn't bring myself to finish scraping, hence the perfect circle around the prints. I couldn't let it go for a couple of weeks, and if the door didn't happen to be the most prominent one in my house who knows but that I would have saved it forever!

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flowergirl said...

Larin--the girls were looking at your blog with me and laughed at your "bear". They were commenting on how big their cousins have gotten. And they have grown.

We are missing you guys. Makayla says "Come Home!" and Brinley says "WHen you come back home you should bring your "bear""

Have a very Merry Christmas--know you are loved!