Monday, November 17, 2008

My Hero...Grandpa Nielsen

I LOVE these pictures! How many people can say they wrestled with their Great Great Grandpa this morning? How blessed are we to be able to talk, play, run, and laugh with Grandpa Nielsen! He just turned 101 this October and we were able to spend some time with him at the Duffin's before we left Utah. Grandpa likes to spoil the kids...and gave Caleb, Courtney, and Becca each 2 dollars. It happened to be Caleb's birthday that week, and he had gotten ten dollars combined the day before from Mamalaw, Papalaw, and Grandma. When Grandpa handed him the two dollars he was so excited and said, " I have ten dollars for my birthday!" Kelsie (who overheard) said, "No, Caleb, you got ten yesterday and now two that equals 12!" Caleb looked at her and said, "Actually, Kels, I spent two on the arcade games at the I really have ten." What a little mathematician! He got my dad's genes for sure! So cute!

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