Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day at the Zoo...

On our way out of DC and Baltimore, we took a detour through New York City to visit Rebecca was crazy! I can't tell you how awkward and almost embarrassing it was to maneuver my minivan through the streets of Manhattan! I wish I had gotten more pictures because it was so awesome to be there again. Rog and I stayed once on our way to the Dominican Republic a couple years ago, but I didn't have my kids with me. This was a whole different thing:) Rebecca is amazing...her neighborhood (Harlem)...definitely an experience...taking the kids to Central Park...a good break from all the driving. I loved being there with Rebecca, and it was so fun for the kids to see such a big, busy city. They were amazed. When I was driving back out to get to Syracuse, we actually witnessed a mugging and the cops were running by my van chasing the offender. I told the kids, "Guys, look! There are the good policemen taking care of the streets for us:)!" They really got a kick out of it:)

I left my camera in the car on accident, so we didn't get any pictures until Syracuse. This is when I took the kids to the zoo. We were in a tiny hotel room for 3 days, so a day out was definitely exciting for them. I couldn't believe how close that lion got to us! Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Um, not sure what those last comments are, but I can't believe you drove your mini-van in Manhattan!! I used to live out that way and was afraid to drive there. So good job, Larin! Glad you guys had fun. I miss the East Coast and all the fun places to go. I'd live there in a heartbeat.

Maxine said...

Thanks for all the "up-date" pictures. It is soooo fun to see and hear what you are doing. I miss being able to talk to you in person to hear about your fun things so PLEASE keep posting OFTEN!!

Love and miss you all from Grandma!