Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After most of our summer travels were over...we started our settling down process by looking for a second car. A truck really. We searched high and low for a Ford Ranger for Rog, and landed here...in Lincolnton, NC. While Rog was signing papers I took the kids across the dirt road for some food at the local diner. We're all about authentic experiences. I sat down with the kids on the porch because the restaurant was packed with regulars. I was a little ragged from the heat and trying to keep the kids happy, and I think the customers at the table next to us noticed. Sitting next to us were two older, retired couples who were just finishing up. When our waitress came to give us the check...she told me that the couple next to us had covered my bill! I couldn't believe it. You hear stories all the time, but I never thought it would happen to me! People are so good. I compare this to my horror story in Wyoming...Logan you know what I'm talking about. Maybe people in North Carolina are just nicer:) I'd like to think so.


melanie said...

That is great Larin. It sounds like you guys are really enjoying living in NC. We really miss you all though.

Michelle said...

Wow! What a neat story!!! They could see your goodness shining through your eyes and were amazed (as I am) and what a wonderful and beautiful mother you are.
Love and miss you tons.
Congrats to Rog! John got his truck this year too! He is a very happy guy!!! Ü

Anonymous said...

We miss you guys! I have NEVER had someone pay my bill...maybe because we order too much food! ;) Glad you are having so much fun!