Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Weekend to Remember...

I could NOT believe Jannah's grandparents! I have never had so much fun getting to know people than I did at "Grandad and Nana's" (so affectionately called) home in San Diego. We flew in on Thursday and Jannah's aunt and uncle, Howard and Nancy picked us up from the airport. I knew as soon as I met them that I was going to LOVE spending time with them! They drove us to Grandad and Nana's home on the top of this beautiful hill overlooking San Diego. The community they live in are homes that are reserved for people that are 55 or we were in a land of bliss and serenity:) We sat in the shade of the citrus trees eating the oranges picked right above our heads, and drinking the most incredibly delicious fresh squeezed orange juice that I have ever tasted. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too tranquilly enthralled to even think about it. (Is that a word?) I did get these ones of Nana holding Norah Jane, whom she adored. And one of our breakfasts at Howard and Nancy's condo. (It's too hard to put into words how good that orange juice was!)

Norris, Jannah's grandad, is indescribably incredible. He is a good man with good ethics; hardworking and hilarious. We relished in the moments we could sit at his feet and learn the stories of his past. I honestly could have sat there forever just drinking in everything he had to say. He had a way with stories that was completely honest, endearing, full of life and energy. He was amazing. He has recently started (at the age of 90) an entrepreneurial endeavor in the which he has invented a contraption that will pick the fruit off your trees. He calls it the "Twister Picker" and it can be found on Amazon and E-bay. I cannot recall the exact numbers, but he has made quite a substantial business for himself and his posterity. He makes each one by hand...working 8-10 hour days putting them together, recording in his books (on computer and by hand), and mailing them all out, with Nana assisting in the process. Incredible.

Nana was such a caring hostess. She took wonderful care of us the entire time we were there. Our room was so sweetly cleaned and made ready with fresh flowers from her garden. She had dinner ready for us every evening and breakfast in the mornings. She held, laughed, and played with Norah Jane as much as she was so sweet to see the two of them together. We loved talking with Nana and hearing her stories. She told us of the time, a couple years back, when she and Norris had to be evacuated because of a severe fire that was threatening to overtake their neighborhood. They were woken up at 2 in the morning and told they needed to leave their home! They were not able to return for 4 days...not knowing whether or not their home would still be there. Luckily theirs was, but the entire area across the freeway from them had been ravished. Nana has such a clear mind and loved working on her crossword and suduko puzzles every morning...coming up with answers that never would have crossed my mind:)

Howard and Nancy were such a treat. Seriously, we adored spending time with them. They were so thoughtful of our needs, and took great care of us as well. Nancy cooked us a Chicken Basil Parmesan that was one of the most AMAZING meals I have EVER had! We had some great conversations with them. Nancy had been crocheting some little kitchen washcloths with incredible speed and agility:) We were admiring her work and wishing we knew how to crochet a little better. I was surprised when she presented two of them for me to take home. Seriously, this is what it was like for the entire duration of our stay. We were completely watched after and taken care of by Jannah's relatives (who, by the way, own a 300 acre wheat farm in Montana-that's how great they are.) At the fear of sounding too melodramatic, I just want them to know how grateful I am for them and all that they shared with me (just some random friend). They absolutely MADE our experience in San Diego.

The reason we were actually in San Diego at all was for the Thomas Jefferson "FACE to FACE with Greatness" seminar. I cannot describe how my life has been changed because of the principles I have been learning about education and freedom. It is the vision that I have seen for my family and my life, but did not know how to verbalize it and put it into action effectively. Jannah and I are on fire now and ready to take off with the tools that we've been given to change our lives, our families lives, and the lives of those around us for the better:)


Emily said...

So fun! I really wish I could have been there!

Justin, Jannah, Callie and Mariah said...

Oh... I have to send the link to my family! What an incredible devotional on them. WOW!! We really were blessed huh?!