Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bean Counter

Thanks to Thomas Jefferson Ed we have started a simple but effective way to promote helpful behavior with the whole family. The Bean Counter. Any time I see ANYTHING good happening with the kids I tell them that they can put a bean (or 10) in the jar. As soon as the jar is filled to the top they have reached their goal and are rewarded with a trip out to a restaurant and a movie with the whole family. It's so simple, but there are a couple of things I absolutely love about it:

1. We are working together for a common goal...not competing against each other.
2. It focuses only on the positive...they DO NOT get beans removed for "bad" behavior.
3. It helps Rog get home from work on time...he gets 5 beans if he's home by 6:05 (he has a five minute grace period:)
4. The reward is a family outing...something we don't usually do, so it keeps their interest.


Maxine said...

Fun idea! Okay kids (and mom and dad) I will be waiting to hear all about your first trip to the movies and dinner.

flowergirl said...

That is a great idea! I think we are going to give it a go at our house. Thanks!