Thursday, August 7, 2008


When Rog came home for a weekend from New York we went swimming and had a picnic at our apartment pool. It was a blast!! We're definitely going to miss the pool when we move to our new home. However...I'm not going to miss how scary and hard it is to take 3 kids 5 and under to the pool by myself. I always have them wear floaties and innertubes, and Becca rides in a little infant boat...and I always try to have them stay close to me. But occasionally Caleb and Courtney would try to get out of their floaties and innertube things because they wanted to practice holding their breath underwater, which is fine when Roger's around. Anyway, long story short, Courtney took hers off while I was trying to help Becca get in her boat, and the tube floated away from her a little. She was standing on a bench in 4 feet of water, and reached to get her tube investment company. She grabbed onto it as she was slipping off the bench and fell head first into the tube. When I looked over, she was stuck in the tube, upside-down, underwater and her feet were kicking and thrashing trying to get out. It was horrible. My worst nightmare! Me and another lady dove in and got to her at the same time. We pulled her out and she was shaking and wanted me to hold her for the next couple of hours! Poor little thing. I felt horrible, and now we just don't go without Rog, or when we do they know if they even think about taking off their floating devices we go home.


CCB love... Kelsie said...

Ohmygoodness! Becca looks so big! She's looking more and more like Courtney! I can't believe that I'm not there! It's so sad!

Can't wait to see all the great pictures from New York! Plus I found that when you click on the pictures they get bigger! I love them!

melanie said...

That is scary! I have had an incident like that with Jerin.
All the pictures really makes me miss you all though.

Anonymous said...

As scary as that is, it happens to most moms at some point or another--so don't beat yourself up. I have been sitting by each of my kids on the pool steps before and had them think they could just take off swimming with no life jacket. Down they went! Luckily I just grabbed each by the legs, but they still got a scare. It happens so fast! And I love the new pics of your home--so exciting!

JaNae said...

That happened to us last month as well with Max. We were just in the kiddie pool, and I was right next to him, but he fell backward and completely under the water. It scared the TAR out of both of us!!!

Love your blog Lar, it's nice to know what you all are doing. I love your home, and can't wait to see your remodel. Wish we were there to give you a hand.

Miss you guys a lot!