Sunday, August 10, 2008

Air and Space Museum--DC

Washington D.C. was amazing! We didn't get to spend too much time there, but what we did get to see was so fun. There are 19 museums or something like that...and they're all free to get in. We went to the Air and Space museum first because Caleb and Courtney were sooo excited to see the Wright Brothers and their first airplane! That ended up being one of the favorite parts of our day because there was a whole exhibit dedicated to them and their inventions. It was incredible. We had fun learning about the history of flight up to the modern day airplanes. I'm not sure, but I think it all might have swayed Caleb a little from Trains to Planes! The Space section of the museum was amazing too. I thought of my dad the whole time we were there. He loves to learn about space. I have always admired his desire to gain knowledge in every area of his life. It made me want to stay there and read every little plaque and marker (like he would) but unfortunately that aspect of it did not appeal to my little ones who were running us all over trying to see every other thing:)


Jo Romero said...

So fun guys!

flowergirl said...

Okay--I am officially jealous now. How fun to see so much and have things that are so fun for families to do. Enjoy it all you can. That is awesome.

Justin, Jannah, Callie and Mariah said...

lovin' it! you're a great blogger... and you will be even better when you have an internet to update it! ha! our phone conversation cut off again... oh well. here's to no service!