Monday, May 31, 2010

Courtney Lost a Tooth!

Courtney informed me yesterday that her bottom tooth was wiggly.

Caleb has been checking her teeth for her ever since he started losing his, and they were so excited to actually find that one was loose!

Today at a friend's pool party Court was eating some pasta salad when she noticed her tooth was bleeding and getting more and more loose.

Her eyes were full of fire and excitement as she ran around to everyone at the party informing them of her situation. We were all cheering for her. Deb, the homeowner, took pictures and got a little baggie and napkin for Court so Rog could work on the tooth. A couple minutes was out!

Unfortunately even with the baggie...the tooth went missing later that evening. Courtney's note to the Tooth Fairy informed her of the mishap, and we are happy to report that Courtney woke up to 4 quarters under her pillow along with a note made from special fairy paper that said if the tooth was ever recovered, Court could put it under the pillow and the Tooth Fairy would come back to pick it up.


Maxine said...

Courtney, you look sooo cute with your tooth missing!! Thanks for letting me know to look at the Blog, I love it when your mom puts things on the blog.

The pool looks REALLY fun too. How nice to have friends with a pool.

Justin, Jannah, Callie and Mariah said...

Hurray for Courtney! She's a big girl now! Holy Cow. So great! So excited for you Court!!! Miss you like the desert misses the rain!