Monday, August 24, 2009

Resourceful With Ribbon

When you drive across the're bound to run into a variety of weather. We hit a huge thunderstorm in Missouri. It was hard to see a couple feet in front of the car. We pulled over to get gas at one point, and when I was turning the car back on to get going again...the wipers started going fast like they had been when we were driving. All of the sudden one of them flew off the windshield. It just broke! We prayed in gratitude a million times over that we hadn't been going 80 mph in the storm when that happened!

Then in Wyoming (the windiest state ever) we were driving about 75 or 80 when we heard this huge crack. We pulled over and walked around to the back of the car. It felt like someone had rear ended us. We saw that the bumper had been ripped off the rivets, cracked, and almost flew off the car completely! All because of the wind.

So, Rog, being as resourceful as he is, borrowed a couple of hair ribbons from the girls and literally tied the wiper and the car back together!