Thursday, April 2, 2009

Courtney's 4!

We had a fun "horse" birthday party with some friends from the ward and a couple from our neighborhood. (Steph...please don't laugh at my sorry excuse for a horse cake...I was most worried about you and Jannah seeing it!) I've never seen a happier Courtney. Not being used to having all the attention on her constantly...I think she was a little overwhelmed with all the food, friends, and presents:) We did an obstacle course (taking cues from her cousin Brinley's party a couple years ago...thanks Carrie:), some fun games like animal charades, opened presents, and had yummy cake and icecream. Courtney couldn't believe all of it was for her!

I took her away from the chaos at one point to calm her down, and told her a story about her actual "birth day."

"I went in to the hospital with a "huge tummy" ready to have a beautiful baby girl. When the doctor checked me, expecting everything to be normal, he looked up in surprise and said, "She's flipped!" You had been perfectly positioned the entire pregnancy, but had decided for whatever reason the last possible week...that you did not want to come out! (I fold my arms with a stubborn affectation, and Courtney laughs) So, they took me and tried to turn you back around inside my tummy! You were already such a big girl and had the cord wrapped around your there was not much they could do. Mommy and Daddy decided that we wanted you to come as safely as possible and so the doctors cut open my tummy and took you out safe and sound. (I couldn't decide if the truth was too gruesome...but she seems to appreciate me a little more after I tell her:) You were so beautiful and peaceful when you came and as healthy as a peach! Mommy and Daddy took turns holding you all the time. I wanted to hold you forever (I say as I cradle her like an infant) but you started to grow bigger and you were so full of life and curiosity. You have so much strength, in fact, when we took you to the doctor at 4 months old he was watching you lay on your tummy to see if your neck muscles were getting stronger. When you lifted your head up and looked at him...he said "Good, good," but then you pushed yourself up completely on your arms! He was very surprised, but not as much as when you suddenly lifted one arm completely off the table supporting your entire upper body on just one hand! He dropped his clipboard and yelled, "Whoa! I have NEVER seen that kind of strength in a baby that little!" (Courtney's eyes are wide and she is surprised at herself:) But, Court, I say, that's not all! When you were 9 months old, you were climbing up the ladder of Caleb's bunkbed. You scared poor Mommy so much! Then at 2 years old at another doctor's appointment, the doctor asked you to come over so he could check your reflexes, and you said in a clear, full sentence, "Where do you want me to stand, Doctor?" His jaw dropped this time and he said, "Someone in this room is brilliant and I know it's not me!" You have amazed me and everyone around you with your strength and maturity! Daddy and I love you soooo much, Miss Court." (She smiles peacefully, but I know inside she feels ready to conquer the world.)

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Cristi said...

That story is so cute, kids are so awesome! Did you make that horse cake? It's so creative!